Sarvesh has been offering taphole clay products since last more than 15 years to its customers. We develop taphole clay products that:

  • Provide safe and reliable plugging and opening of taphole
  • Reduce hearth and taphole area wear by maintaining consistent taphole length
  •  Maintain uniform casting times by providing consistent metal and slag erosion resistance
  • Minimise taphole spitting while operation
  • Are more user-friendly by providing easier clean-out of the mudgun nozzle

Trough & Runners

Sarvesh offers a wide range of products for trough and runner maintenance. All our products are high alumina, silicon carbide/carbon fortified to provide superior resistance to blast furnace iron & slag. Our various offerings are:

  • Alumina-Silicon Carbide (no cement) castable
  • High Alumina, low cement gun mix fortified with Silicon Carbide
  • Ramming Mixes ideal for working lining repairs