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No matter where your business operates, our comprehensive service portfolio for refractory turnaround is tailored to meet your unique needs.

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- Experience on-site services, solutions, projects, or supervision no matter where you are located.

- Benefit from a stabilized operation, increased productivity, and reduced costs when you partner with us.

- Our network of service specialists has vast experience supporting clients nationwide.

- We also take pride in our circular economy solutions that promote CO2 emissions savings and waste disposal avoidance.

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Refractory Maintenance and Optimization

We take pride in providing comprehensive solutions and services that focus on optimizing the performance of refractory materials. Our approach is centered on offering true partnership and collaboration, where we work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs.

Cost-effective Performance Enhancements

We take comprehensive responsibility for the costs and services quoted, offering various business models and package solutions, These models offer complete solutions that consider the total cost of production, not just the sale of refractories, and provide benefits that exceed the scope of the refractory.

Solutions Development and Implementation

Our integrated solution contract includes refractory materials and services, with continuous monitoring of material performance and operational parameters. This allows our technical experts to propose solutions that maximize the value generation for our clients. We also develop and produce refractory application machines that offer greater productivity, accuracy, and quality of service.

Engineering and Project Management

We believe in simplifying the refractory management process for our clients by providing solutions that are demand-oriented and cost-effective. Our multi-disciplinary planning team, equipped with the best project management practices, invests time and resources in planning and preparation to ensure thorough control of the progress and cost.

Lining Design and Installation

Our services include refractory engineering, installation, and start-up supervision, technical assistance, and after-sales service. We take the time to discuss lining recommendations with our clients in detail, explaining the precise benefits and reviewing technical data sheets of products and their performance. We also offer customer training to ensure our clients have the knowledge and skills to manage their refractory systems effectively.